Blue Toes

Blue toes are a common condition caused by poor circulation. Running and exposure to extreme cold are two primary ways people get Blue Toes.

Runners can get Blue Toes from old or poorly fitting shoes.  Some runners see Blue Toes as a badge of honor, as an indication of pain tolerance and thousands of miles run. If a runner's  toes are turning blue after a run it's likely they need a new pair of shoes. Poorly fitting shoes are a common cause of blue toes, which is easy to diagnose and prevent.

Reynaud’s Syndrome and other cold-sensitive circulation problems contribute to Blue Toes. Again the solution is simple: don’t let your feet get cold. If more socks won’t fit inside your boots buy larger boots.  Warm thermal stockings can also be helpful. Keeping feet warm and comfortable inside properly fitting shoes will eliminate most cases of Blue Toes.

If Blue Toes are not immediately linked to shoe fit or the cold, they may be caused by a wide variety of other circulation issues. Blue Toes may be a symptom of poor circulation in the feet and toes or widespread circulation problems. If you have treated your Blue Toes with the above suggestions and are not seeing improvements, then contact a podiatrist or general practitioner for treatment.